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The AOS Cast at the Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Celebration

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"Is there anything you hope for - for Henry?" (X)

Yeah that would be cool. A kid getting to spend time with his mother, what a revelation!

The fact that this is what Jared thought of , of a mother spending time with her son, as something he feels would be cool because it doesn’t happen on this show often is heart-breaking. A family show without the family actually together… Thank goodness Jared has a proper idea of what family is and what his character would want. Unlike the creators…which is a sad reality for OUAT.

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Pairing(s): Regina/Robin, Robin/Marian, Regina/Daniel

Words: ~4,200

Rating: K+

Summary: Elsa brings back Daniel. Only he’s not.

Inspired by the song: Stay With Me by Sam Smith



Elsa brings back Daniel.

Only he’s not.

He’s made of snow and ice and everything cold and bleak that covers their town and she can’t blame the girl who has no control over her powers but she also can’t understand how she managed to produce an exact replica of her beloved. And it would be a simple thing if it was the cruel, monstrous Daniel that Whale had made the one hell bent on hurting others and driven by rage, but it’s not, it’s her Daniel; her sweet Daniel; her kind Daniel; her devoted Daniel who stands in the diner, as she sits on the farthest stool as far away from the other citizens as possible. It’s a Daniel who asks if she is okay while the entire town gapes at him in much the same way Regina does.

Nobody knows Daniel, they know of him - vaguely - from Henry’s storybook or Snow White rendition of the events that led Regina down the path to becoming the Evil Queen (through really it’s none of their damn business nor their story to share) but the one fact that everyone can agree on is that the man is irrefutably dead - only he’s not.

What sort of powers does the Snow Queen possess? Elsa had made that wretched singing snowman and those ice beasts but human life? The question ‘how’ rings hollow in her head but the one that yells loudly drowning out all other thoughts is ‘why?’ Why? WHY? WHY? Now she must suffer the appearance and inevitable disappearance of her Daniel because he is snow and eventually summer will come, when they figure out how to help Elsa, and then he will be no more. Has she not suffered enough?

The blonde Queen stands at the open door hands up and terrified. She looks between Regina, her hands, and the stableboy helplessly as if even she does not know what has ignited his phantom shape. Many of the other patrons just stare between the man of snow and the woman, who many have said was the actual one with the heart of ice, even though it beat painfully in her chest starved of warmth and affection. Unexpectedly Robin’s eyes find hers and not so unexpectedly his wife clings to his arm but those blue depths mirror a broken horror because he knows better then anyone just how much this must hurt her and what the return of one’s first love means - how can they be kindred spirits even in this? Another reminder that in some ways they are both their other halves for this trial they too will share.

Only hers doesn’t have a happy ending.

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Regal Believer Appreciation Week

Day Five: Growth; how far they’ve come

This gifset doesn’t do any sort of justice to the incredible growth this relationship has gone through over the past 3 years. In my opinion, Regina and Henry have the best developed, most earned, and truly beautiful relationships on the show because it’s been a relationship that has been worked and fought for from the very beginning. Whether the obstacle was personal, magical, themselves or the big bad in town, they found a way through it and only came out stronger for it. But their growth wasn’t only about what they had together, it’s been about their characters. How they have grown as individuals because of and for each other, while growing all the better together because of it.

It’s never been easy and regardless of whether we’re going through the 3 years we’ve seen between them from the start of the show, or the 10 years of unseen history they had together in their past, it’s been a long journey. But it’s been one I’ve been glad to have for them because one of my favorite things about this dynamic is the time spent making sure it was done right. It was built up slowly, realistically and organically while still leaving so much for us to see between them. They’ve grown a lot and I can’t wait to see them continue to do so.

Lana: We’ve been trained really well you can tell.

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Lana "I can’t say" Parrilla

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Regal Believer Appreciation Week

Day Six: AU

Alternate season 3 finale - Instead of Emma and Hook falling through the portal, it’s Henry who is taken back in time.

Henry ends up in the Enchanted Forest and it’s not long before he’s gotten himself found by The Evil Queen. But lucky for him, the queen takes an interest in the mysterious young “prince” she found traipsing around her forest, and offers to take him in with the intention of finding out more about who he is and where he really came from. Henry accepts the offer in hopes of finding Rumplestiltskin and getting a way home. Though his time with The Evil Queen proves less unpleasant then he expected, and she finds herself enjoying the company of this little boy. Henry is eventually able to find Rumple and convince him to help, but only under the condition that first Henry finds a way to fix the timeline he’s thrown off track through his odd friendship with The Evil Queen; A bond that has now softened the queens heart and potentially ruined any chance Rumple had at convincing her to cast his curse.

Unfortunately for Henry, his good has done more “damage” than even he can fix and he is out of ideas and time. So he does the unthinkable, he tells Regina the truth… and she believes him! With that, they work together to find a way (a forgetting potion) to ensure their future and get Henry home safely.


The Queen takes Comic Con.


Lana assesses Regina’s current situation.


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I feel proud. Adam and Eddie just confirmed what was my headcanon about soulmates and True Love couples. So how does it go? 

As they said, True Love is when you really, really, truly love someone. And they basically confirmed that you can have more than one true love. You can have different true loves at different stages of your life. You may lost your true love, because they may died (like Daniel and Marian) or the love was transformed into a different kind of love (like Emma’s feeling towards Neal), but the good thing that you have another chance at love. At True Love. 

What was not said, but I think it’s safe to say that you can have only one romantic True Love at one time, but you can have other types of True Love at the same time - like one for your children. 

Now soulmates are a bit different. There is only one to everybody, but not everybody gets to meet them. When they meet and fall in love, it is a very special and deep connection, between the hearts, between the bodies, between the souls. It is very unique. Two person who are soulmates are not necessarily True Loves to each other - at least until they meet and they fall in love. After they fall in love, they most certainly are. And their True Love is a bit different from a regular True Love, because they are also soulmates. Also, altough being soulmates is fated, falling in love and building a relationship requires conscious choices, hard work and everything need to keep alive True Love. That’s why pixie dust did not limited Regina’s choices - she had to make them anyway. 

In OUAT only Outlaw Queen is canonically soulmates. Interestingly, they are not True Loves yet (altough very close). They are on their way to becoming ones, it all depends how they will handle the obstacles on the road. Daniel was probably True Love for Regina, but not a soul-mate. Marian also was a True Love for Robin, but not a soul-mate. When Robin grieved Marian and moved on, his love for her changed. I have no doubts he still love her, but not in a romantic True Love way. More in a familial way as someone he cares about, but not in love with. 

The ones who share a really unique True Love and who are most probably soulmates even if it wasn’t said out loud are Snowing. There is this soulmate connection all over them, from their instant attraction to the ability of always finding each other to remember each other subconsciously even cursed and without any memory of their shared history - it was a lot like we saw in OQ’s story. In my headcanon they are definitely soulmates and that makes them special among the other True Loves. And their True Love is of course canon. 

The show called Emma and Neal once True Loves (I know many people did not like it and we definitely did not see it as much as we were told), but her love for him also changed during the years and altough she cared about him and part of her loved him in a way, they were not in love in Season 3. Hook and Emma in my understanding are not yet True Loves, but they are heading toward it at a good pace. I saw some CS fans calling them soulmates, but it is unconfirmed. I personally don’t think they are. Altough they had an instant physical attraction I did not see the soulmate-connection between them and when cursed, Emma was not drawn to Hook the way Regina and Robin, Mary Margaret and David were drawn to each other. 

Rumbelle are canonically True Loves, but also I don’t think they are soulmates. Belle was not drawn to Gold as Lacey. 

So all in all, True Love and soulmates are two different things, and when you have both its the best thing in the world. But the good thing that True Love is possible without being soulmates and that is wonderful too. And there is always hope for love whatever happens. This is the most basic message 

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